What is HAZO?

A Seed-to-Sale Software Secured by Blockchain Technology

Hazo is the only cannabis ERP software that streamlines the cultivation, regulation, compliance, manufacturing, inventory & patient management and retail sales for your cannabis business. Improve your cannabis operation by using the Hazo seed to sale software.

Our Product

What We Offer

Grower Cultivation Module

Growth Maximization SOPs
RFID Tagging with unique 16-digit
Plant-ID for tracking & source tracing

Extraction, Processing & Manufacturing Module

Harvest, Manufacture & Batch
Transport Manifesting
Waste Management
Sample Packaging to Approved Labs for Analysis
Package, Label and Sell to Retail Dispensary

Retail Dispensary Module (Government or Private)

Order Fulfillment
Stock Inventory Issues
Point of Sale
Online Shopping Cart integration
Real-time Inventory Volumes
CRM Optimization

Patient/Customer Module

Mobile App
Realtime (accurate) inventory
quantities from licensed vendors
Purchase History
Simple re-ordering
Easy On-boarding

Regulatory Module

State Compliance
Revenue Tax Collection
Seed to Sale Life Cycle Tracking

Compliance Module (Proof of Compliance)

Licensing – Growers
Manufacturers & Retail
SOPs for Growers & Manufacturers
Compliance Auditing

HAZO Token

HAZO is the utility token in the HAZO ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain.

HAZO Supply Chain

HAZO.PRO connects all industry participants
with a consistent stream of reliable data and
actionable functionality

Web3 Development

We develop Web3 crowd funding, NFT, ICO and blockchain projects

Blockchain Reliability

Hazo will be the blockchain ecosystem for the cannabis industry that capitalizes on the industry’s rapid growth and transformation

Our Products & Services

What We offer

Blockchain consulting services to harness the potential of blockchain and gain valuable insights on your projects spanning, DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse

Coin & Token Creation

Facilitate storage and trading of digital currencies into a wide range of crypto and fiat pairs

Wallet Integrations

Building decentralized crypto wallets for Blockchain projects, DEXs, Defi Trading and Investment platforms

Blockchain Development

Building applications based on blockchain
architecture and protocol.

Smart Contacts

Adding functionalities to the wallet e.g bundle transactions, account recovery and transfer limits

NFT Consultation

Create NFTs, set up the wallet, create a collection, add NFT to the collection and list them for sale

FinTech Solutions

Get virtualization, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, technical support and managed IT services.


Supply chain platform built on blockchain technology


The Hazo team is building a transparent and distributed ecosystem to connect all stakeholders in the industry – growers, processors, dispensaries, consumers, doctors, and insurance and government compliance regulators. Providing a robust and secure infrastructure, enterprise solutions, turnkey bundles, and tools for software and hardware developers.

  • Secure Payment Gateway System from Suppliers to Comsumers

  • Integrated Blockchain Technology for Logistics with Transparency

  • 24/7 Realtime Data Reliability for Consumers and Dispensaries



Symbol Total Supply Treasury Customer Rewards IDO Liquidity Pool Farming/ Staking Airdrops Hazo Foundation
770mm 5000HAZO=1SOL

The HAZO token is the utility token that gives licensees, operators, businesses and customers access to the breadth of features and products available in the HAZO ecosystem.


The max supply of the HAZO token will be 4.2B tokens. At launch, the circulating supply will be 2.05B tokens with 7.7mm tokens being sold during the IDO, 1.25B tokens provided to the liquidity pool on exchanges, and 30mm tokens being airdropped to the community. The treasury will hold 500mm tokens, the rewards program will hold 1B tokens, Staking and farming will hold 250mm and the foundation and the team will hold 200mm tokens each.


HAZO Token

HAZO utility token developed on the Solana blockchain

Customer Rewards Program

The customer rewards program will hold 1B tokens. Customers will receive HAZO tokens rewards for any purchase at a participating dispensary or smoke shop. HAZO tokens will also be rewarded to users who complete simple tasks to help build the community, e.g. create an account, review a purchase, verify their identity.


HAZO tokens received as rewards can be used to make purchases at participating businesses and on hazo.solutions, held for yield rewards, or be sold, staked, farmed or swapped on any DEX that the HAZO token is available on. A portion of transaction fees will be used to purchase HAZO tokens from the open market to replenish the customer rewards program.


Hazo Foundation

The Hazo Foundation will be initially funded with 200mm HAZO tokens. Through governance votes the foundation will be able to offer grants to cannabis and cannabis adjacent businesses and community initiatives. No funds can be moved from the Foundation wallet without a governance vote. Governance tokens will be sent to all HAZO token holders 1 to 1 based on an ownership snapshot prior to vote.

Hazo Solutions
Core Leadership Team

Dave Krautheim

Dave Krautheim

15+ Global Information Technology Project Manager expert in data center and telecom implementation & management.


Michael Vraim
Community Builder

20+ years business operations managing clients, family service, pre-funding financial products, family liaison to care facilities, religious & secular organizations, veterans’ associations & many more

Matthew Roazen

Matthew Roazen
General Counsel

Decades of experience as business advisor and counsel

Michael Vraim
Community Builder

20+ years business operations managing clients, family service, pre-funding financial products, family liaison to care facilities, religious & secular organizations, veterans’ associations & many more Read more...

Matthew Roazen
General Counsel

Decades of experience as business advisor and counsel.
Read profile...


Frequently Ask Questions

Pricing is based on the state, licensing structure, and facility size. Schedule a demo today to get pricing for your operation.

No, Hazo Solutions work for cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution and retail sales.

Hazo Solutions was founded in 2019.

Hazo is built natively for iOS (Apple), Android (Google), Microsoft devices and through any browser using the web.

Hazo utilizes high level cryptography to encrypt all of your information and securely store it on the Solana blockchain.



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    Turning a New Leaf on Technology

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