Matthew Roazen

Matthew Roazen
General Counsel

Matthew Roazen is a highly accomplished legal professional who has made significant contributions throughout his career. As an advisor to the Board of Trustees at Skoltech, he played a crucial role in shaping the organization’s direction within the Skolkovo Foundation and campus. Matthew’s strategic insights and valuable guidance were instrumental in driving the facility’s success.  He excelled in integrating legal services at Withers LLP by leveraging his extensive client and contact base. By aligning resources effectively, he catered to the legal needs of a diverse clientele, including individuals, entrepreneurs, family offices, and corporations. His ability to deliver tailored solutions ensured that clients received personalized and high-quality legal services.


Matthew’s expertise extended to various areas, including FCPA compliance consulting, teaching and training in Legal English, Contract Drafting, and M&A, and providing strategic advice to internet startups. His involvement in international acquisitions and integrations, successful management of litigation and transactional matters, and support in private equity portfolio investments and securities class action document review demonstrate his versatile skill set.


With Matthew’s extensive legal background, commitment to excellence, and ability to deliver tailored solutions, he brings invaluable expertise and strategic guidance to Withers LLP’s legal and advisory team. His diverse experience across multiple industries positions him as an exceptional asset to the company and its clients.


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